Advice in management of the innovation and urban, forward plannings.

OpenPI is service provider in advice of organizations.

The digital and collaborative transitions cause big changes in the exercise of your jobs. Territories, companies and organizations face unpublished and widely unpredictable situations.

Having a know-how turned out regarding prospective, management and strategy of the innovation, OpenPI intervenes with organizations to help them solve a problem of precise change or accompany them in their preparation in the future.

Some examples of services and price lists:

  • Conference 2 hours: 250€
  • Intervention undertaken 1 day (7 hours): 1000€
  • Animation of Workshops of Innovation, Audit of your organization: custom-made price lists according to your needs and according to the complexity of your organization.
  • Management of your staff for a precise mission: custom-made price list according to the duration of the mission and the made available tools.

To adopt the good reflexes of thought, allowing lighting the present action in the light of the future possible, requires the application of clear and rigorous methods. Several notions, techniques and tools exist to imagine innovative projects, envisage the future otherwise, ask itself the good questions and finally master the change rather than undergo him.