Without citizens, no digital city!

OpenPI deeply thanks all the people who follow it’s works, the speakers who agreed to present their ideas or projects in front of the public of afterworks and the contributors who participated in the coding of the application of 3D cartography on the city of Perpignan.

You have an idea to present to our public? You wish to participate in the development of digital solutions for the digital collaborative city? Contact OpenPI.

Application OpenPerpi, l’urbanisme collaboratif par la modélisation 3D

The application constitutes a common collaborative support which allows the dialogue between fascinating each party the various projects of construction and developments of a territory, which also allows to identify complementarities between the service to the existing citizens and the capacity to develop new proposals of live services with the futures users.

OpenPerpi application: collaborative town planning by the 3D modelling.

Announcement of the arrival of the prototype OpenPerpi by the team of developers.

POC OpenPerpi: help citizen in the decision in the urban planning.


Maxime Spagnolo
Maxime SpagnoloApplication developer
After his studies in the IMERIR, Maxime created his company in development of applications and Web sites. He integrated the team of OpenPI as consulting technique and Web developer.
Alexia Sicart
Alexia Sicart Modeller/3D organizer
Alexia works in the modeling and the 3D animation. Her objective is to create and to liven up characters / decorations realist and cartoon for cartoons and/or video games.
Pierre-Vincent Vrot
Pierre-Vincent VrotEngineer/Geomaticen
Fascinated by the cartographic tools, the world of the data and the digital universe, Pierre-Vincent is a project manager of the version prototype of the application of collaborative town planning OpenPerpi.
Olivier Léger
Olivier LégerData Scientist / Big Datas
After his studies of engineer project manager in IT and robotics in the IMERIR, Olivier collaborates at present on works of R&D of a solution of prediction of the breakdowns of the photovoltaic power plants.
Feth-Allah Bentoumi
Feth-Allah BentoumiEngineer Conformity and Security
After his studies in the IMERIR, Feth-Allah integrates the pole security of an ESN in Aix-en-Provence where he promotes the security of the data and the watches the conformity and the protection of personal data.
Cédric Menet
Cédric MenetEngineer R&D

LabelSilver P.O, for the well-grow old in the Pyrénées Orientales.

Developed in partnership with the real estate agency Carbonnell Privilège Real estate and the engineering consulting firm Accessud, the label Silver P.O. is at first intended for the real-estate agents tuned to his clientele of retired people and sensitive to the good to age in the Pyrénées-Orientales. He offers a guarantee comfort and safety to all the customers who will choose to work with a certified real estate agent.


Caroline Dodane-Lagarrigue
Caroline Dodane-LagarrigueDirector Partner ACCES’SUD
o 10 years of experience in the accessibility of places of interest in Ile-de-France, Caroline is convinced that the accessibility is an indicator to be well expected by the whole population as much as a vector of promising economic development.
Louise Roux
Louise RouxStudent in real estate
o Still student to Supexup, trainee in real estate agency, Louise is interested dice the beginning of her program in products real estate aimed at the seniors. Naturally sensitive to the problem of the well-grow up, she understands that she can add a human dimension to her commercial activity.

Participative housing environment 66, the good to live together, each at home.

At the instigation of HabFab and with the support of OPEN pi a collective of citizens of the Pyrénées-Orientales create an association allowing to promote and to promote the development of the participative housing environment in their department …


Stephan Singer
Stephan SingerManaging director (C.E.O.) HabFab
o At first managing of the participative housing environment from Montpellier Roofs of Choice, Stephan is responsible for feasibility studies and for missions of project management within the SCIC HabFab. He also takes care of the regional development of the cooperative of Participative Housing environment
Pascal Hussonois
Pascal Hussonois Project management Participative Housing environment 66
o Architect DPLG during 25 years, Pascal dedicates himself from now on to the militancy of the city in short circuit. After a formation in project management of Voluntary and united Sector, he also forms in the project management of Participative Housing environment and accompanies the collectives of inhabitants in this approach.

Afterwork #4 : Sport et Santé connectés

The race of swallows

La casa bicicleta

Open Food Facts


Modélisation et impression 3D

Mixed martial arts and health

Association Jagafight, la santé par les arts martiaux

X-Arena: Pole of innovation

X-Arena: Pole d’innovation sportive, médicale et sociale OPEN-SOURCE.


Florence Lecorre
Florence LecorreThe race of swallows
o Entrepreneur in Perpignan, Florence set up the race of the swallows where all the women of Perpignan expected every year to run against the wage disparity. Magnificent inter-generational success, this event knows a big success in Perpignan.
Oualid Oumerzouk
Oualid OumerzoukFighting Mixed Martial arts
o Oualid practises the martial arts and the combat sports for more than 25 years. He develops an pedagogical and educational vision of the training to the fight by the triptych SHIN GI TAÏ (=The body, the technique and the spirit).
Astrid Osland
Astrid OslandVélo En Têt - Casa Bicicleta
o Inhabitant of Perpignan of Norwegian origin, Astrid is one defender of the cycle comfort from the very beginning! Frequently questioned in the local press on this matter, she gets involved with a beautiful energy in the defense of the place granted to bikes in the city of Perpignan. She also gets involved in diverse urban planning projects with ecological aim.
Franck Barost
Franck BarostProfessional of the medical and social
 Professional of the medical and social at present Responsible for the cell Offer of health care for the Regional Agency of Health of the Val de Loire, Frank was one of the founders of the project of Casa Bicicleta, a workshop participative bike managed by his users in Perpignan. An approach widely greeted by the population, the elected representatives and the press
Maurice Descoux
Maurice Descoux3D entrepreneur - Founder Perpilab
o Maurice is a drafter in the building before being interested in the technology of the 3D impressions. He collaborates several years with the secondary school for vocational training of Béziers before starting his business in service delivery of modelling and 3D impression in Perpignan.

Afterworks #3: Release the housing!

BIMBY In My Back-Yard. Densification by the inhabitant

Open Street Map: Citizen Cartography OpenSource

The wiki of the alternative housing environment.

Eco-Lodge Quilombo: Vernacular architecture

Eco-Tourism in Tallet

Participatory Habitat by the association Toits de Choix

The concept of Wiki-House and the festival POC21.

Open-Source Pool Domotics: The PLASHBOARD


Méryl Estragnat
Méryl Estragnat Corporate communication-Realization of movies.
o At first in artistic research, Méryl is later interested in the corporate communication. She discovers through her various experiences that the communication helps companies to be better collected by his various public but also that the most mattering is to remain human and humble face his customers.
Anthony Ousson
Anthony Ousson Person in charge Cartographer at ADDICTERRA
Person in charge SIG and Mapping at Addicterra, Antony proposes in particular animations and trainings in his field of expertise in communities. He presents to the third afterworks the tool Open Street Map.
Philippe Poisse
Philippe PoisseDevelopment of Web Applications at Addicterra
o Numerous knowledge and references in the field of the computing, Philippe gets involved locally in several participative initiatives citizens or ecological. He also gives formations and shares gladly his level of technical expertise on the management of computing projects.
Frédéric Jozon
Frédéric JozonToits de Choix - HabFab
o At first carrier of a project of participative housing environment in a group of inhabitant around Montpellier, Frédéric Jozon will become then one of the main pillars of the regional cooperative structure HabFab of information and centralization of the projects of participative housing environment.
Justyna Swat
Justyna SwatArchitect - Co-Fondatrice Wiki-House
Architect and strategic designer, Justyna cofounds the concept of Wiki-House and participates in the organization of the POC21 in August 2015.
Christian Rolando
Christian RolandoProfessor (teaching and research) in right
Professor (teaching and research) with the University of Perpignan,Christian is interested in the town planning and in the concept of the Open-source.

Afterwork #2: OpenPI is an open company.

Organize the human resources of the open company

Presentation of a home automation “home-made”

A robot InMoov printed by the students of the IMERIR.


Frédéric Déléchamp
Frédéric DéléchampFondator of Softetic
Frédéric creates Softetic in 2011, a company of help software for the communication, accessibility and comfort of life to the adults and to the children in situation of handicap. By unburdening the professional or the circle of acquaintances of certain repetitive and tiring tasks Softetic improves the support for the handicaped person.
Margot Filleton
Margot FilletonStudent of IMERIR
Creator of the association Caliban Midi, Margot organizes apérobots outside her courts in Imerir. She presents this evening a project of team organized within the framework of her studies. Print and assemble a robot 100 % Open-Source.

Afterwork #1 : Qu’est-ce que l’Open-Source? Quelles applications pour la société contemporaine?

Launch of Open Perpignan Innovation.

Trailer of the retrospective video.


Julien Carbonnell
Julien CarbonnellPrésident of OpenPI
Entrepreneur in the real estate, Julien feels the need to develop his business to grant it to his personal convictions and in his time.
It creates OpenPI as a space of innovation open to Perpignan, a breath of fresh air and freedom in the intersection of the jobs of the construction and the computing.
Matthew Leigh
Matthew LeighIT Project manager
o Naturally handyman and curious, Matthew is passionate by the Open-Source approach. He see OpenPI like an opportunity for meet new entrepreneurs of the innovation in Perpignan and search himself to develop a project of home automation of swimming pool the FLASHBOARD.